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Data Tech #OurFuture happened in May, and I think it went really well – thanks in no small part to our fantastic host, Gemma, and of course our speakers, panellists, and showcase presenters. We’ve been busy behind the scenes looking at what we can learn from our first event that can make #OurPeople and #OurPlanet DataTech events even better. Now we’re starting to shape what our September and October events will look like in practice – and we are looking for your help!

Showcases launched

As part of that, we’re keen to get more involvement from our fabulous data community. We’d love you to submit your projects and learnings as a Showcase for #OurPeople and #OurPlanet. We’ve changed the agenda so that our Showcase presenters get two 15-minute slots instead of one half-hour slot, and our hope is that will create a much better funnel of attendees to our showcase presenters, and reduce the pressure to manage your time and audience during your slot. Showcases are an opportunity to share best practice, learnings and great projects related to our themes, to help our audience appreciate the breadth and scale of the data community.

Tech Quik Toks

We’re also including a new slot for our next two events “Tech Quik Toks”, and for this we need your help. We want to create a short video made up of short video clips talking about data and tech topics. The overall video will be 15minutes, but each short clip should be no more than 2-3 minutes. Like the best short videos online, they should be engaging, to the point, and be imaginative and creative in how they approach the topic – you can use existing formats that the audience may be familiar with from social media platforms as long as you have the right to share the content.

DataTech is a half day event, and we know there’s only so much we can cover in that time frame. With these Quik Toks, we can broaden the topics covered and really show the creativity and imagination of the data community. So if you have a strong opinion on a topic in tech, this is your chance to bring it to the attention of the data community in a fun and engaging way.

What you need to know

You do not have to have your content fully developed to submit your idea for either the Showcase or the Quik Tok, although the form will accept developed submissions if you have them. If your idea is accepted, we will work with you to ensure you can navigate the platform for DataTech, or develop your video if you want support there. Showcase material can continue to be developed until the day before the relevant event (so September 6th for #OurPeople or October 4th for #OurPlanet). Quik Tok submissions will need to be provided by August 15th to allow time for editing the submissions prior to the event.

DataTech is a great platform to show the great work our data communities are doing every day to support OurPeople and OurPlanet. But we can’t celebrate your achievements if you don’t bring your ideas to the table – so if you have a project to showcase or a topic in mind that merits a 2-minute slot, submit them using the links above.

  • by Joanna McKenzie, Principle Data Scientist at The Data Lab

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