What topic would you like to see our panel tackle at Data Tech in May?

Data Tech this year is shaping up to be a really exciting event, with great topics, speakers and panelists. It’s so important to have the conversation about how we build Our Future with technical people involved, and that’s one reason why I’m keen to reach out to The Data Lab’s network of contacts and get them involved in shaping AI panel discussion at Data Tech.

Our Technical Challenge discussion will have a panel of experts with real experience delivering on AI, and we need to give them a great topic.

There were many things we could have discussed, but thinking about AI and our future, we felt that the collaboration and partnership between humans and AI is a really important topic.

So we’ve done some brainstorming and identified four possible topics our panel could tackle:

  • What can AI in the real world learn from Asimov’s Laws of Robotics? Asimov’s famous laws of robotics are hardwired into his robots on a level so fundamental that it’s unthinkable, in the story, for a robot to break them, and “allow a human to come to harm”. What would it look like if we implemented this approach with real-world AI?
  • Finding the AI/Human balance. Somewhere between AI “taking all the jobs” and a leisurely utopia, there’s a world where humans coexist with technological support. What could this look like? What sort of challenges do we need to tackle to create this?
  • When is AI not AI? Artificial Intelligence can be many things, from a real-world implementation of advanced Machine Learning, to a full artificial thinking personality that doesn’t really exist in the real world. What is real-world, what is a real possible future, and what is never going to be more than imagination?
  • Independent AI — a possible future or just a dream? If we’re talking about human-AI partnerships, will AI ever be fully independent of humans? An end-to-end system that can updates its own data, run its own upgrades, and manage its predictions, models and visualisations itself? Would such a system be desirable? Would we trust it? And could it be held accountable for its decisions?


Do you have an opinion? Is there something here you’d like to see us tackle in the AI panel discussion? Then respond to our poll, and make sure you purchase a ticket for Data Tech so you can get involved on the day!


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