80+ Fringe Events across Scotland coming 9-20 March – we’ve got something for everyone!

While there is a big focus on the major events happening during DataFest (DataSummit, DataTech and DataTalent), a huge and important part of DataFest is the series of Fringe Events that will take place during 9 to 20 March throughout Scotland organised by the tech, data science and AI community in Scotland.

These Fringe Events are run by external partners under the DataFest umbrella. This can include hackathons, debates, meetups, and any innovative activities focused on data innovation and collaboration with the common DataFest20 theme, #BeyondData.

Always a wide and varied offering, this year there’s an even larger programme with 80+ opportunities across Scotland, from Stornaway to Hawick. We really do have something to offer for everyone.

A taste of the DataFest20 Fringe Events

Chris Neumann, serial entrepreneur and Founder of CommonWealth Ventures, is taking a Scottish Tour and visiting different locations over 5 days to talk about what Silicon Valley is really like – the truths and myths. Not to be missed by any startups out there, there should be a venue near you.

The data for good company, DataKind, will be talking about their discoveries from applying machine learning to food bank dependency – a project that was a finalist in the category ‘Best use of data science to achieve social impact’ in the 2019 DatSci awards.

Dr John Tullis of the University of Edinburgh combines two of his loves – data and hillwalking – in a free evening lecture. Learn how modern data analysis can shed new light on Hugh Munro’s tables of Scottish mountains over 3000 feet.

Those currently working in renewables may be interested to join in an informal discussion at Dram! in Glasgow, to discuss some of the current data and digitalisation related problems faced by the renewables industry and some of the potential solutions.

Our MSc programme delivery partners MBN Solutions will be running an event looking at the Opportunities for Upskilling and Retraining in a Data-Driven World. This event aims to introduce a range of upskilling and retraining opportunities for employers planning to upskill and retain existing employees, and also for individuals who may be considering a change in career direction.

You can make your own motorised emoji with the Big Data Show in a practical hands on experience where participants will create motorised characters using open source data sets that allow participants to combine their understanding of what data is with practical skills in manipulating it using facial recognition.

If you are looking for practical experience, training or even mentoring opportunities why not get involved in a Hackathon? There are plenty on offer.

Browse all of our Fringe Events

As you can see, there really is a wide range of offerings – we’re sure you’ll find an event that is right up your street.

For more information & tickets, visit our Fringe Event Programme, or browse by location using the links below:

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