More new speakers for DataSummit20

Yes, we have 10 more speakers to add to the already thrilling line up for DataSummit20. Check out the details of the speakers below.

Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist & Data Science Fellow, and Executive Advisor, Booz Allen Hamilton

Kirk Borne is a data scientist and an astrophysicist who has used his talents at Booz Allen since 2015. He was professor of astrophysics and computational science at George Mason University (GMU) for 12 years. He served as undergraduate advisor for the GMU data science program and graduate advisor in the computational science and informatics Ph.D. program.Kirk spent nearly 20 years supporting NASA projects, including NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope as data archive project scientist, NASA’s Astronomy Data Center, and NASA’s Space Science Data Operations Office. He has extensive experience in large scientific databases and information systems, including expertise in scientific data mining. He was a contributor to the design and development of the new Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, for which he contributed in the areas of science data management, informatics and statistical science research, galaxies research, and education and public outreach.

Shannon Vallor, Baillie Gifford Chair in the Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh Futures Institute

Shannon Vallor is the Baillie Gifford Chair in the Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence at the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) at the University of Edinburgh, where she is also appointed in Philosophy. Professor Vallor’s research explores how new technologies, especially AI, robotics, and data science, reshape human moral character, habits, and practices. Her work includes advising policymakers and industry on the ethical design and use of AI, and she is a former Visiting Researcher and AI Ethicist at Google. Professor Vallor received the 2015 World Technology Award in Ethics from the World Technology Network. In addition to her many articles and published educational modules on the ethics of data, robotics, and artificial intelligence, she is the author of the book Technology and the Virtues: A Philosophical Guide to a Future Worth Wanting (Oxford University Press, 2016) and the forthcoming Lessons from the AI Mirror: Rebuilding Our Humanity in an Age of Machine Thinking.

Ann Daniels, Polar Explorer

A former bank employee, Ann Daniels led the first all female team in the world to ski to both Poles. They suffered carbon monoxide poisoning and were hit by three storms so severe they were unable to erect the tent – but they still achieved their goal. Major life events didn’t stop Ann’s desire to return to the Poles, and in 2009, she was asked by Pen Hadow to be his head of ice operations for the ground-breaking Catlin Arctic Survey. This project completed a unique environmental study of the rapidly disappearing frozen Arctic Ocean. Ann was responsible for leading the team on the ice and finding a safe route, making difficult decisions in the most extreme environment on Earth for 74 consecutive days. In 2010 and 2011 she also led the second and third Catlin Arctic survey, the only person to be invited to partake in all 3 expeditions. Ann continued to lead expeditions and in 2017 joined Bernice Notenboom’s expedition with Martin Hartley to ski the last 2 degrees to the North Pole working with NASA, The European Space Agency and other scientific bodies inserting ice tracker beacons and measuring the snow depth en route to help scientists understand this unique part of the world. Whilst guiding a film crew in 2018 she continued this work with NOAA and the University of Washington and plans to return in the coming years to continue this important task.

Matt Reynolds, Science Writer, WIRED

Matt Reynolds is the science editor at WIRED UK, where he writes and edits stories about how scientific innovations are changing our world. Before joining WIRED he was a technology reported at New Scientist.’

Rowena Humby, CEO, Starcount

Rowena has recently been appointed CEO of Starcount, an insight technology business with amarket-leading customer data platform that enables brands to upload their 1st party data and matchit with the best of 3rd party data. Her business was recently ranked in the top 50 of the DeloitteTechnology Fast Track and the Financial Times’ best upcoming consultancies.Rowena started her career as a data scientist and moved into leading the data architecture andengineering team at Starcount. She has a strong background in new tools and technology combinedwith commercialising data. Throughout her career, she has developed important client & partnerrelationships across industries such as media, retail, finance and automotive. Rowena specialises increating automated DaaS and SaaS capabilities based on innovative development, tracking newtrends through data and assessing global markets.Rowena has a BSc in Astrophysics from The University of Bristol. She is Trustee of the Foundationthat runs The Female Lead, a charitable organisation dedicated to creating and promoting positiverole models in schools and universities for future generations.

Ed Broussard, CEO, Mudano

Ed Broussard is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mudano, a data consulting and solutions business focussed on driving data innovation for Financial Services clients. Ed co-founded Mudano just over 5 years ago growing it rapidly to over 160 people, winning clients across tier 1 financial services businesses and maintaining rapid growth year on year for the entirety of the business. He started his career at IBM, followed by 4 years at Ernst & Young where he started and grew their FS data advisory practice with one of his now co-founders of Mudano. He left EY with his co-founders to start Mudano in 2014 based on a collective frustration and desire to reduce waste and deliver lasting value to clients in the Financial Services sector. Since then the business has been focused on building the future of Financial Service underpinned by data and machine learning. He splits his time between London and Edinburgh, where he lives with his wife Lorna and two young sons Rory and Finlay.

Gavin Day, Senior Vice President, SAS

As Senior Vice President of Technology, Gavin Day oversees technology development within the SAS R&D division. In this role, he is responsible for defining and communicating the company’s technology vision based on market research and ongoing customer interactions. The Technology team encompasses product management, corporate development, industry solutions and technology governance efforts, as well as SAS’ innovation centers and centers of excellence.Previously, he led the SAS US Commercial Sales organization after managing the data management sales group. Day joined SAS in 2011 from DataFlux, a SAS subsidiary and leading provider of data management software. At DataFlux, he gained a broad perspective on leadership by managing a broad array of business functions, including sales, operations, IT, professional services and technical support in his 12-year tenure. As an executive at DataFlux, he helped guide the company from a start-up operation to a large, self-sustaining SAS subsidiary. Day has a degree in computer science from North Carolina State University.

Euan Gardner, Senior Information Development Manager, Strategic Development Team, NHS NSS

I initially studied Psychology where I applied deep learning to EEG data for controlling a text to speech system, having taught myself Machine Learning and Python programming.I now work full time in a data science team in the NHS NSS specialising in machine learning and data driven solutions. My current focus is on delivering and improving the Synthetic Data System (SDS) python library for large scale synthetic medical data. I also analyse food poverty data for effective interventions.In my spare time I research Artificial Intelligence based optimisation responses to Influenza outbreaks to try and get a PhD. I also play guitar and pet as many dogs as I can.

Daniel Winterstein, CEO, Good-Loop

Co-founder of ethical ad platform Good-Loop, Daniel Winterstein is a serial entrepreneur, an AI consultant, and a recovering academic. Daniel has previously built AdTech which is used by brands including Harrods and the BBC. With a background in data science, Natural Language Processing and software development — and their application to business problems, especially in the space of user profiling and communication technology – Daniel also holds a PhD in artificial intelligence. In 2019 the Institute of Directors named him Scottish ‘Startup Director of the Year’.

Elizabeth Fairley, COO, Talking Medicines

Elizabeth Fairley, PhD, Founder & COO – Elizabeth Fairley, is a recognised entrepreneur with international experience of launching and scaling businesses. Elizabeth has a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Cambridge and Bsc (Hons) in Genetics from the University of Aberdeen. She has depth to her knowledge that spans commercial, life science, healthcare and data from working with numerous corporates, academic institutes and running her own consultancy business for over 10 years. Elizabeth has hands on experience of the challenges and opportunities that start-ups face. In 2014, Elizabeth graduated as a Saltire Fellow after completing a world class, 8-month entrepreneurial business leadership programme led with Babson College, Boston. In 2016, Elizabeth joined Talking Medicines as a Founder and her role as COO primarily involves raising investment and leading on the development of the Medsmart® – a data solution of UK community curated medicines that drives the effective use of medicines with social good. Talking Medicines was co-founded in 2013 having seen an opportunity for better communication and support on the medicines prescribed between patients and doctors. TalkingMedicines developed an exciting data tech business to improved insight on how patients take their medicines.

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