Get the most from the DataFest app

The DataFest app comes back for DataFest20 to answer any and all of your DataFest related queries from the palm of your hand. We’d like to give you a better insight into the app so that you can make the most of it during all DataFest related events and activities. Whether you are attending Data Summit, Data Talent, Data Tech, or a mixture of them all, the app will be your best companion to get the latest updates and interact with other attendees. Below you can find the illustrated list of basic and most important features.

Accessing the App – The app can be downloaded from the App Store, or Google Play. All you to do is search “DataFest”! The app consists of three sections: Data Summit, Data Tech and Data Talent Scotland.

App Profile – This is required if you’d like to take part in the Social aspect of the app – connect with other attendees, post photos, messages, like posts, comment, vote on polls etc. This is important if you’d like to take part in our app competition which will be announced at the events.

DataFest app signup page
App Menu – You can check the schedule of the event, its speakers, sponsors, locations etc.This is the nucleus of the app and will lead you to whatever it is you need to discover.

Activity Stream – Here you can post messages, photos, mention other attendees on the posts, like and comment posts. There’s even an option to create polls. Attendees will gain points for how much activity they are involved with on this with a prize for the attendee with most points by the end of DataFest20.

DataFest app activity stream page
Messages – Need to send a direct message to an attendee? – No problem, here’s how it can be sent. This option will only become available once a profile is created, and offers a very easy and direct way of networking and connecting with another attendee if you forget to swap business cards, setting up meetings, want to learn more about someone’s company, etc.

DataFest app private messages screen

Notes – Taking Notes during the event is really easy, all you need to do is open Notes or any profile > Add Note. Simple. This will prove useful for containing and organising all your DataFest related notes in one place.

DataFest app notes screen

Favourites – A great option to add a sponsor, speaker, attendee, session or an exhibitor to your list of favorites. This is a great way of bookmarking all your favourite talks without setting a reminder. However if a reminder is what you need, we got just the thing.

DataFest app favourites screen

Reminder Alert – If you’d like to be notified when the session is about to start, you can set a reminder on it, just click on the Star button for the required session and choose when you’d like to be notified.

DataFest app reminder alert screen

DataFest20 will be a paperless event. We encourage you to download and use the app, as it will be our main way of sharing information and updates, including the agenda, in the lead up and during the events.

You can download the app for iOS here or Android.


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