Join us in taking DataFest20 #BeyondData

It’s always an exciting time for us, planning and looking forward to bringing you another amazing DataFest event. DataFest has grown each year, and now runs over two weeks, with more events and participants every year, showing how much interest, enthusiasm and collaboration there is around data science in Scotland. DataFest19 was our most ambitious and most successful DataFest to date with last year’s festival attracting more than 4,000 people attending 62 events across Scotland.

Each year, the festival focuses on an emerging theme for the industry and now we’re looking forward to March 2020, when we’ll bring you the fourth DataFest that is going to take you #BeyondData.

#BeyondData – our theme for DataFest20

This year, we are putting data back in the spotlight. But not data for the sake of data, but the impact that data can have on our lives. Data is just the starting point. We are focusing on what’s beyond that, the value that data can bring to businesses in every industry sector, in our cities and the world, in innovation and discoveries, and in our future!

We want to showcase the real impacts that data and AI can have in people’s lives. We hear that data is the new oil, but data in itself isn’t what is valuable, it is all about what we do with it, the insights we extract and how we use them to innovate for good. By combining the power of data with the right skills and talent, the possibilities are infinite. It is time to look beyond the current technologies and the predicted potential, it is time we look beyond what is possible, and lead the way in how the world innovates, creates impact, and drives more benefits from data.

We want to look beyond existing technologies and look at unorthodox uses of data that have brought good to the world and the people affected by them. We want to look beyond what we are capable of with data today and imagine what future technologies and applications will look like, while discussing the opportunities and challenges they will bring along.

Let’s explore what is possible when we go #BeyondData to drive real impact for good.

Early bird tickets – buy your ticket now at a great discount

We are certain DataFest20 will be bigger, more successful and more collaborative than ever. Once again, we’ll be hosting events all over Scotland aiming to spark innovation through collaboration, building skills and growing talent, all while championing Scotland’s data science community.

DataFest20 will see the return of successful events including Women in Data Science, Data TechData Talent Scotland and the two-day Data Summit conference, which last year included high-profile speakers such as Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, Christopher Wiley, Google’s Chief Decision Scientist, Cassie Kozyrkov and First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon. Speakers for DataFest20 are expected to be announced in coming months.

We will be announcing a call for submissions to run your own Fringe event, and for DataTech speakers soon. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list to be the first to get the latest information as we announce these.

We look forward to seeing you at our events across Scotland from 9th to 20th March 2020. Early bird tickets are available now – buy yours now for great savings on final ticket prices.

Find out more about DataFest by watching the videos on our DataFest19 YouTube playlist.

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