Announcing the winners of DTS StartUp Competition

Earlier in December we announced a competition offering 5 exhibition spaces at Data Talent Scotland for startup companies looking to recruit data professionals. Today, after much deliberations, we are delighted to announce these winners. The competition was incredibly tough this year. The startup landscape in Scotland has really come into its own in recent years and this was evident in the strength and depth of entrants. Competitors ranged from all over Scotland, and meandered between many different sectors. A fantastic sight for any individual interested in data, but especially so for those seeking employment.

And without further delay, the winners are….

Castlight Financial Ltd

An innovative financial technology company with a successful track history of providing financial retailers with a range of digital tools to enhance the way they do business with their customers.

Spiritus Development Ltd

Spiritus is dedicated to making a difference at the intersection of business and society. They’re working hard to deliver ground-breaking solutions to assure higher standards are achievable by businesses, government agencies and the third sector in serving people, their communities and society as a whole.

Mirador Analytics

Mirador Analytics Ltd is an analytics company specializing in the pharmaceutical sector.
They support your organisation with the use of proprietary analytical tools, which can assist you in; Asset Evaluation, Portfolio Prioritization, Life Cycle Management Strategy, and Individual Identification during both development and commercialization.

The Social News Co

The Social News Co is social news agency that provides mobile-friendly news for social media fan pages, celebrities, and instant messenger platforms. They supply news to social media fan pages and share advertising revenues with the page owners.


Good-Loop is the world’s first ethical advertising network. Their philosophy is that by empowering people to control the adverts they see – you create more inherent value for advertisers. Good-Loop harness this added value to fund charities.


Congratulations to all the winners. Thoroughly deserving and we are sure the attendees will be looking forward to meeting with you and discussing potential career opportunities. Of course there are still limited spaces available in the exhibition space should you and your company be interested in taking part. Please feel free to get in contact with should you have any inquiries.

Now in its third year, Data Talent Scotland brings together aspiring data science and engineering students with employers from across the country. The event is an opportunity to network, discuss and learn from some of Scotland’s leading data leaders, professionals and researchers. The remaining few tickets are available here.

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