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The theme of DataFest 2021 is #OurData

In previous DataFests, we have celebrated the individuals and teams driving data innovation in Scotland. This year, we are focusing on all of us – a community which can collect, create, and use our data for good. 

Throughout 2021 we will be exploring the theme of #OurData and the impact data has on people’s lives in the 21st Century.

We’ll be tackling the big questions from the perspectives of #OurPlanet – covering the environment and climate change; #OurPeople – which covers all things social, including health and wellbeing; and #OurFuture – exploring the companies and technologies that will shape the decades to come as we transition out of a challenging year for all. 

We will highlight how important #OurData is to the growth of our economy, social progress and knowledge base. As demonstrated by the global Covid-19 crisis, data and its associated insight has been a vital component in helping governments, healthcare organisations and other sectors understand and battle the pandemic. We will encourage debate on ethics and how we as the data community need to work harder to be responsible with #OurData. We will aim to empower people to understand data ownership and that we need to understand and better manage #OurData.

Our mission is to showcase Scotland’s innovative spirit and support the organisations leading the way. We believe #OurData can contribute towards the greater good and we look to encourage collaboration, not only as a country, but as a global community impacted by the pandemic.