DataFest 2021

DataFest21: 3 themed weeks

DataFest21 ran from March to November 2021 with three themed weeks of DataFest activities throughout the year, and culminated with a hybrid Data Summit event.

‘Our Future’ tackled cutting-edge technologies and innovative uses of AI and our data. ‘Our People’ focused on the social and wellbeing aspects of our data use. ‘Our Planet’ covered environmental and climate change themes and how our data can help to shape the future of the planet.

The themed weeks included DataTalk, DataTech and DataTalent events as well as various fringe events.


The theme for DataFest 2021 was ‘Our Data’

The overarching theme of ’Our Data’ was explored in each of these themes to spark discussion about how we, as data users and as a community, can use data for good to help solve or ease the world’s problems.

Talks highlighted how important ‘Our Data’ is to the growth of our economy, social progress and knowledge base. As demonstrated by the global Covid-19 crisis, data and its associated insight has been a vital component in helping governments, healthcare organisations and other sectors understand and battle the pandemic. We discussed ethics and how we as the data community need to work harder to be responsible with ‘Our Data’. Talks encouraged people to understand data ownership and the need to understand and better manage ‘Our Data’.


DataFest21 was a great success!

We were delighted by the quality of our speakers and with the engagement shown by our audience at each event. It was an unusual format to spread DataFest out throughout the year, but the momentum and enthusiasm for our three themed weeks carried on right until a highly successful physical event for Data Summit in November – a really inspiring event with insightful talks and panels. Read more about DataSummit21. You can also take a look at our Twitter Moments from Data Summit 2021 and have a read of Digit’s Data Summit 2021 run down.

Robin Winsor, the keynote at ‘Our Future’, is a highly influential futurist who is known for being both a playful and provocative agent of change. You can watch his keynote talk: Living Alongside AI: A New World Order

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