DataTech21 will take place as half day events
in our 3 themed weeks in May, September & October.

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Data Tech

There will be 3 half day online Data Tech events during the 3 themed weeks Our Future, Our People and Our Planet, focusing on those themes. 

The next Data Tech event is on 7th September – speakers to be announced soon!

Bringing technical communities together

Data Tech is an event for data professionals: if you are a data scientist, an analyst, a recent graduate in data or an experienced IT professional, Data Tech is for you.

Previous Data Tech events were highly focused on very technical data science and academic content, but this year we intend to broaden our content to reach out to the whole spectrum of data professionals. 

With keynote speakers, parallel sessions with audience questions, and an associated Masterclass, there will be plenty of content. With Data Tech, we want to explore our role as data professionals in building Our Future, helping Our People, and saving Our Planet.

Our Future - 18th May

We’re delighted that writer, broadcaster and author of Smoke & Mirrors: How Hype Obscures the Future and How to See Past ItGemma Milne will be hosting Data Tech this year.

We’ll also have keynotes from Ellen Friedman, the Principal Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. She’ll be giving a talk titled “AI is Too Valuable To Be Left To Data Scientists Alone” and will be available for questions afterwards in a Q&A session.

Ellen will also be sitting on a panel with our second keynote – Albert King, Chief Data Officer for the Scottish Government. Albert will be discussing the topic of “Scotland’s AI Strategy: Trustworthy, Ethical and Inclusive”.

We will also be showcasing some of the most cutting edge and innovative uses of data and AI happening in Scotland right now.

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18th May Schedule

13:00 – introduction and welcome from Gemma Milne

13:30 – Ellen Friedman keynote: “AI is Too Valuable To Be Left To Data Scientists Alone

14:00 – Albert King keynote: Scotland’s AI Strategy: Trustworthy, Ethical and Inclusive

14:30 – parallel sessions: Q&A with Ellen Friedman; Scotland’s AI Strategy with Albert King and Gillian Docherty; panel discussion “Finding the human/AI balance” with Megan Stamper, Euan Gardner and Robert Walker.

15:00 – break

15:30 – parallel showcases to choose from

16:00 – panel discussion with Ellen Friedman, Albert King and Helen Hastie

16:30 – closing remarks from Gemma Milne

Debbie Bard speaking at Data Tech
Debbie Bard expert in machine learning at scale and data-intensive computing for experimental science speaking at Data Tech

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Jared Lander, Chief Data Scientist of Lander Analytics (a data science consultancy based in New York City) and Adjunct Professor of Statistics at Columbia University, addresses DataTech19.

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Our first Data Tech in 2019 had a fantastic lineup of tech speakers.

And DataTech20 was going to be brilliant with more than 30 data science leaders, innovators and researchers confirmed as speakers.

And were looking forward to #womenintech helping make DataTech20 a success

Applications from the data community were welcomed: be a part of DataTech20